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Support The Site

To improve the site to the maximum potential, we would need help from the users to improve the site.


You may help to add tags to all the videos posted by our users to the site, so old/new visitors when searching for the videos, they can search by the tag list.


Steps to adding tags to the video : 

1) Go to a video link

2) Below the video player, there is " Tags ", and  " Assign "

3) Type the tag word that you feel suitable for that video, and press enter on your keyboard or mobile phone then click on " Assign " or you can even type a word, there is recommended tag to select from. 

4) Wait to see the tag being added and your work is applaud by our team and all the new visitors that view

your tags will enjoy the video


Another way to improve the site :

1) Create a playlist with the videos that you like and make a suitable title/tags for the playlist.

2) Create as many playlist with unique titles so users will get attract to the playlist and view your playlist



The above is the best way to improve the site functions. If you have any ideas to improve the site or found any potential bugs, please use our contact form to let us know.


We thank you for your support.